I am really pleased to share that the work that I made about the Burnthouse Lane community in Exeter, UK will be published as a book by Dewi Lewis with an accompanying essay by Diane Smyth, editor of the The British Journal of Photography.

II have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise the funds for the printing

II have always been drawn to this area because of the way it celebrates diversity and the individuality that emanates from this – both in the way people express themselves but also how this is reflected in the adornment of their properties, which mostly have identical fabric but which are charged with a personal stamp in the gardens, in the windows and even in the wall faces.

IWhat started as a way to deal with Covid isolation, led to me to work there for over 2 years creating an in-depth documentary project about this close-knit community. An area often maligned in the past, my experience has been completely different - one where I have been embraced and afforded the opportunity to work with both the residents and their environments.

Dorcas and her Mother in their garden

Myself and the community would so appreciate your support in bringing this project to fruition.

Many thanks in advance
All best